Local Nonprofit Housing and Educational Partners
  • The Foothills Community Development Corporation (FCDC) was created in 2002 through BCHFH’s leadership to create more affordable opportunities for low-income families. Although now a separate nonprofit, the Foothills Community Development Corporation remains a vital partner with BCHFH through our shared mission and collaborations.
  • In recent years BCHFH has partnered with United Way of Blount County to help broaden its impact in the community by opening BCHFH’s budgeting classes to the community and helping with housing repair projects as a member of the Blount County Housing Repair Collaborative.
  • In addition to United Way of Blount County and Foothill Community Development Corporation, BCHFH partners with Federation of Appalachia Housing Enterprise (FAHE), Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA), Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati (FHLB), and Blount Partnership.

Want more detailed information about our community impact in 2013? Click this link to check out the official Annual Report for BCHFH for 2013!

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