Sweat Equity – What is that?

Buyers spend time in class, managing money, working at the ReStore, helping at special events, building homes, and volunteering in the community. This time is called Sweat Equity. There is no dollar value or refund for sweat equity if a buyer is deselected or withdraws from the program.

BCHfH requires Sweat Equity for many reasons:
1. Communities and Partnerships work best when everyone plays a part.
2. Builds community and creates connections between buyers, Habitat staff, Habitat volunteers and the community.
3. Neighborhood pride: Helping to construct homes gives a feeling of accomplishment and ownership.
4. It gives the buyer an opportunity to meet their neighbors before they close.
5. Build skills & knowledge to help deal with maintenance and repair issues.

Single adult households must earn a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity and multiple adult households must earn a minimum of 400 hours of sweat equity. Accommodations are made for buyers requiring special consideration.